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Development of Fuel & Fire Behavior Training material

The National Interagency Fuel Technology Transfer team—NIFTT, as it was known until recently—contracted with Pyrologix to produce fuel and fire behavior modeling training materials for fire and fuel planners. For the project Pyrologix produced two training courses and a comprehensive document laying the foundation for operational wildfire behavior modeling as it is practiced in the […]

Wildfire Threat to Key Resources on the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest

Following a severe bark beetle outbreak, the TEAMS Enterprise unit conducted a “Rapid Assessment of Management Opportunities” for the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest (BDNF). As part of that assessment, TEAMS partnered with Pyrologix to conduct a multi-resource wildfire risk assessment. For this project, we adapted a quantitative risk assessment approach developed for national application to meet […]

Quantifying the Threat of Unsuppressed Wildfires Reaching Adjacent Wildland-Urban Interface

Over the last few years, Pyrologix has focused its work on applying fire science to find solutions to real land management problems. The management applications themselves are often worthy of sharing with a larger audience. On a number of its U.S. Forest Service projects, Pyrologix has worked with colleagues at the Rocky Mountain Research Station […]

Tetons Interagency Wildfire Risk Assessment (TIARA)

When most people hear the words “Grand Teton”, they conjure an image of impossibly steep mountains of rock and ice. We’re not most people. We see the Tetons and think about wildfire—how it affects the resources and assets on the landscape. In 2011, Pyrologix partnered with the TEAMS Enterprise Unit of the U.S. Forest Service […]